The iSolyBag is a multifunction phone case, which reduces electromagnetic radiation and provides mechanical protection!

The iSolyBag is a multifunction phone case, which reduces electromagnetic radiation and provides mechanical protection!

As among people the mobile phone become the most commonly used device, we have decided that our primary goal is to create a phone that protects both young and old from radiation.

The iSolyBag recommended for anyone who regularly uses a mobile phone and most of the time carry them in a pocket, a bag, vehicle, on your desk or even bedside table.


The phone case developed especially against the electro smog has a special filter material, that can be found in two layers of the case material. This unique product is a German technology that provides the needed protection.

The case surrounds the phone and consists of 5 layers:

1. Exterior tough design layer

2. Plastic flexible mechanical protector

3. Special electrosmog protective layer

4. Special electrosmog protective layer

5. Inside fine microfibre lining

The iSolyBag case can be used with the existing silicone protective cover, which should be taken into consideration when dimensioning!


In Finland, authentic testing carried out by company Verkotan, the mobile case has achieved a significant reduction of radiation ranging thousands of units. This, measured by SAR - which is intended to measure body-level radiation in W/kg - has lowered the 0.48 value to 0.00014 with protective case when measuring LTE20.

Tests show that the mobile phone remains operational for and when messages, notifications are received, and the headset can be telephoned smoothly or hands-free.

The mobile phone can be recharged via the free opening of the case and the cable headset can be also connected (depending on the telephone type).



Let's think about it again! Why should we be careful? Do we really have any negative effects on excessive radiation? Numerous studies have reported that high-value, persistent effects can include and even cause sleep disorders, distractions, headaches, malaise or even cardiovascular disease. For more details, please read the consensus document of the Austrian Medical Association EMF Working Group.

It is important for everyone to maintain their own health. In the long-term effect of electro smog, the EU hasn’t gave a limit value, but only one precautionary measure, ie. 106 uW / m2, but we can see that no limit value can be found on short-term effect on biological health. The table below also shows how unequal the perception of the problem is.


The mobile phone can transmit 20-30 times over the precautionary limit, even if it is not used, so in the long run. In addition to data communication, the phone will also transmit when it is in your pocket, bag or next to our ear during the sleeping. This radiation is pulsating, constantly on and off, which can further increase the problem.